• Yoga Teacher Training - CYA-RYT GOLD (200, 300 & 500 RYS)

    Interested in becoming a yoga teacher?

    Do you have a desire to deepen your practice and share it with others?

    Care about your community and have a desire to bring more to it?

    For anything foundation is key. Getting to the root of the why's and how's it incredibly important. Becoming rooted and grounded into a practice is important, it is then that we can move forward and share. 

    *** Already a yoga teacher without an RYT? Not a problem, we can work with you to establish and customize a program for you that fits you and your budget.   

    Practice Centered Yoga Immersion and Teacher Training

    A flexible and exciting yoga enrichment and training program with an emphasis on incorporating yoga into your life as it is. Ohana Yoga & Wellness is offering North Bay’s & areas most comprehensive training program for serious students.

    A program you can weave into your schedule without having to quit your job or take vacation hours. Yoga is about BALANCE and our program strives to support you in all aspects of life as you grow and learn into the life teachings within.

    Based on both mandatory and optional modules offered on an ongoing basis, this training can be customized to address your own needs and interests while offering an in depth and comprehensive yoga education. **Begin the program any time by familiarizing yourself with the Anatomy Basics Module before attending your selected workshops. 

    Our focus is on skilled and alignment based instruction. Emphasizing the importance of individual growth, apprenticeship and personal mentoring from our seasoned Ohana “Sangha” (community). As well as visiting teachers from abroad and the opportunity to travel abroad. Through the practice, the strongest teachings strive to outlast individual events and courses.

    You will learn anatomy, asana, Buddhist dharma, meditation, pranayama and yoga philosophy. The cost of the program includes an amazing asana-by-asana manual/workbook with original illustrations.

    In Ohana’s Practice Centered Yoga Immersion & Teacher Training, students are offered a Sangha Mentor with whom they will work one on one in weekly classes assisting students and observing varied levels of instruction. All students participate in our Seva program. Bringing yoga into shelters, support groups, community centres and other organizations that may benefit from the practice but could not otherwise afford it. 

    This is a Yoga Alliance certified program granting a 200, or 200 + 300 or 500 hour teaching certificate. Optional for existing 200 certificate holders, you can do the 300 as upgrade to bring you to 500 level. The main attainment can be found in your personal journey through the program and the depth of connection your practice will bring you to.

    ESDC approved (receive official tax receipt through the Government of Ontario).

    Yoga Alliance approved 200, 300 & 500-hour certification.

    How the Program Works:

    The program offers a-la-carte workshops that can be combined to meet (and exceed) the requirements of certification with the Yoga Alliance at either the 200, 300 or 500 hour level.

    You may begin at any point in your yoga advancement, obtaining credits along the way.

    The program can be completed as an intensive on-going series for certification within 9 months, or digested and experienced slowly over a year or more.

    November Start – 200 intensive completion March 2018 (Weekend Study & Work Groups, Dates & Times to be announced)     


    200 HOUR: Starting Nov. 2017

    - $3000.00 +HST ($500 non-refundable deposit due upon registration)
    - 7 Practice Advancement Series
    - 3 Essentials mini-series
    - Introduction to Buddhism or Yoga Philosophy & Meditation
    - Teaching Methodology
    - Sava
    - Illustrated asana and anatomy manual & workbook
    - *9 month unlimited pass for Ohana Yoga

    300 HOUR (upgrades any 200 certificate to the 500 level):

    *this option is only available to students already holding a 200 hour certificate (from any school).

    You must provide a copy of your certificate to be eligible for this program.

    - $4100.00 +HST ($500 non-refundable deposit due upon registration)
    - 10 Practice Advancement Series (one of which you will assist)
    - 4 Essentials mini-series
    - Introduction to Buddhism or Yoga Philosophy & Meditation
    - Teaching Methodology
    - Sava
    - Illustrated asana and anatomy manual & workbook
    - *1 year unlimited pass for Ohana Yoga

    500 HOUR:

    - $5600.00 +HST ($500 non-refundable deposit due upon registration)
    - 11 Practice Advancement Series
    - 3 Practice Advancement Series you will repeat, this time as an assistant
    - 5 Essentials mini-series
    - Introduction to Buddhism
    - Yoga philosophy & Meditation
    - Teaching Methodology x2
    - Sava x2
    - Illustrated asana and anatomy manual & workbook
    - 18 month unlimited pass for Ohana Yoga


    Upon registration, with receipt of your $500 non-refundable deposit, you will receive the Anatomy Basics Workbook. With this manual, you are expected to familiarize yourself with the language of anatomy. Students must review the entire book & complete pages 2 through 6 before participating in any workshops for credit. Assignments within the book will be given with selected modules.

    This take home course is what allows you to jump into Ohana’s Teacher Training program in any month of the year—regardless of what you have missed. The program repeats itself every 12 months with varying workshops added based on popularity.

    Some of our elective programs to be included or delivered by separate workshops:

    - Intro to Thai Yoga Massage
    - Yoga for Grief
    - Chair Yoga
    - Yoga for Pain Management
    - Yoga History
    - Sanskrit & Chanting
    - Yoga Nidra & Meditation
    - Chakra Yoga
    - Restorative "Round-body" Yoga
    - Energy Systems: Acu and Marma Points
    - Introduction to Ayurveda
    - Structural: Fascia and yoga
    - Myofascial Release Introduction
    - Acupressure Introduction
    - Reiki Level 1
    - Reiki Level 2
    - Introduction to Shiatsu

    *The unlimited studio pass is a registration bonus to the program. It has no cash value and cannot be extended or transferred.