• Yoga Teacher Training - CYA-RYT GOLD (200, 300 & 500 RYS)

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    Ohana Yoga & Wellness Centre - Training Academy is a unique blend of traditional yoga as well as restorative to advanced classes. We emphasize our practice towards balancing body, mind and spirit, encouraging all who enter our doors to grow and thrive. 

    Our primary instructors, are internationally certified and hold certifications from India, United States, Budapest as well as Canada. With a combined experience of over 60 years of teaching and practising yoga and wellness modalities, we are one of the most in depth training studios in Northern Ontario. 

    Our goal is to build a strong and healthy community using yoga and other wellness modalities as a foundation to better health and wellness. While assisting our students and our teacher trainers to achieve their goals, so that they can intern inspire and offer yoga and wellness to their communities. 

    Our philosophy is simple, "At Ohana we are all family, weather we be blood related, adopted, or community, we all strive towards the same goal, supporting each other to live healthy, stronger and abundant lives. All are included and nobody gets left behind." 

    We have been in our current purpose built location in our 9th year, and previous location for an additional 9 years, totaling over 18 years of serving our community and area.

  • 200 CYA RYT – Ohana Yoga & Wellness Centre /Training Academy

    200 CYA RYT – Ohana Yoga & Wellness Centre /Training Academy  

    Course is 10 weeks total
    Cost for 200 CYA RYT Total: $3200.00 + taxes (courses can be taken separately price breakdown listed below)
    Start date TBA April 27
    Contact hours 158
    Self-studies 42hrs during week between weekends

    ** Included is unlimited pass, so you can participate as a student, observer, assistant and then instructor once signed-off. Material inclusions bellow. 

    Techniques Training and Practice 
    (60 contact hrs and 20 non-contact hrs)
    - Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
    - Traditional yoga techniques
    - Asana (Sun Salutation & 15 essential postures)
    - Pranayama (breathing), Meditation & Chanting
    - Mantra, Mudra & Bandha (the core locks)

    Teaching Methodology 
    (15 contact hrs, and 5 non-contact hrs)
    - Structure of Teaching “Why & How”
    - Principles of demonstration
    - Observation, assisting, alignment, & correcting
    - Teaching styles
    - Qualities of a good teacher
    - Business aspect of teaching yoga
    - Evaluation 

    (20 contact hrs, 5 non-contact hrs 10 hands-on)
    - Sequencing & the practice of teaching
    - Observing others teaching
    - Peer support, giving & receiving feedback

    Anatomy and Physiology 
    (20 contact hrs, 12 non-contact hrs and 8 non-primary faculty
    - Anatomy & Physiology (musculoskeletal, visceral, systems, etc.)
    - Kinesiology principals related to the Asana, & movement
    - Pranayama (breathing)
    - Marma instruction - the body’s energy fields (the chakras, the nadis & how they relate to Yoga) 

    Yoga Philosophy/Lifestyle and Ethics for Yoga Teachers 
    (15 contact hrs, 10 non-contact hrs and 10 non-primary hrs)
    - Yoga philosophy & lifestyle
    - Ethics for yoga instructors & business
    - Ancient yoga texts & Philosophies of yoga
    - Sava Exploration - lifestyle/teaching/living
    ***integrated throughout the program

    Cost for 200 CYA RYT Total: $3200.00 + taxes

    Payments can be made in instalments
    $500.00 upon registration
    $1000.00 upon start
    $540.00 bi-weekly or $ 270.00weekly, or discuss payment plans with Nicky

    Certificates will be issued once all fees are paid, course modules completed & handed in, tests are marked, demonstration of competency (includes class sequencing & teaching), practice journal filled out, and all materials checked off and returned back to student. 

    Yoga Practices & Required Materials
    - Our 200 hour CYA RYT Training program includes an unlimited class pass.
    - Course Materials (Binder & Practice Journal Included) 

    Required Textbook/Reading Materials – not included in cost

    1. Heart of Yoga: Developing a Personal Practice by TKV Desikachar
    2. Yoga Anatomy by Leslie Kaminoff
    3. Asana, Pranyama, Mudra Bandha by Swami Satyananda Sara Swati
    4. The Science of Yoga: The Yoga Sutra’s of Patanjali in Sandcrit by I.K. Taimni
    5. Light on yoga: the definitive guide to yoga practice

    YogiGym (Suspended Yoga) Teacher Training (not included in 200hr RYT CYA), although welcome to take course – costs & details will follow.

    - Vinyasa Primary Series - TBA
    - Introduction to Kundalini Yoga - TBA
    - Restorative Yoga Practices - TBA
    - Meditation & Yoga Nidra - TBA
    - Wisdom from the Upanishads - TBA
    - Mindfulness Practices - TBA
    - Myofascial Release Kinesiology - TBA
    - Intro to Ayurveda & Yoga Therapies - TBA
    - Chanting & Sound Healing - TBA