• Brain Body Yoga (45 min)

    Mondays 4:45pm with Nicky

    This class mixes yoga with brain body work. It helps to reestablish patterns that you body may have lost due to stress, anxiety, injuries. By performing a series of "drills" your brain & body start to work together, the body relaxes. When these "drills" are performed the body begins to r-pattern towards the direction of where it once was. Thus giving the body and mind time to relax and reconfigure, any one can do this class it is suitable for all ages and all bodies.

    Good for releasing stress, anxiety, injuries, anyone who has lost mobility or anyone who is wanting to gain and enhance their mobility. This class/techniques are also good for those with early onset alzheimer, dementia, recovering from accidents, needing re-gain focus, concentrate and coordination.

    Because these techniques work so well Nicky has integrated some of the applications into her regular yoga classes.

  • Restorative Round-body Yoga for EVERYbody - all ages/levels (90 min) - Nicky

    Monday & Wednesday - 6 pm or Tuesday, Thursday & Saturdays - 10 am

    Movement is Medicine and Yoga really is for EVERYbody! As long as you can breathe you can do yoga!

    The class is traditional hatha based, with a restorative component, using props and asana (poses) to help release, stress, anxiety, chronic pain, build balance, strength and more. In this class you will experience breathing techniques, Meditation, Asana (Poses); Sound (chanting), this combination has been created to bring your body and the mind back into balance, strengthen and obtain more flexibility. Suitable for beginner or experienced, modifications, adjustments and alignments will be given. Props are also used to assist or as part of the practice. 

    Why 90 min? Traditional classes are 90 minutes (or more) at of as a personal investment towards good health both mentally & physically.
    It takes that long for our body and mind to truly start to unwind repair and restore. Your practice is a journey into yourself, it really is Your Body Your Yoga. There are many reasons why we choose to take up yoga, some come to manage pain, some to maintain or gain flexibility and strength, while others come to explore their connection to the body mind and spirit.

    This class is suitable for the young to the young at heart and for every level, Nicky's classes currently serve students of all ages from 14 to 94. This is a get up and down off the mat class, modifications can be made so that EVERYbody can attend.

  • Subtle Movement Gentle Yoga -

    Janice Allison Monday 10:00 to 11:30am (90min)

    This class moves you slowly, flowing through classic hatha yoga asanas (poses)providing more than a hint of strength and toning along with stretching and improving flexibility and balance. 

    Moments in your space, on your mat, allowing the breathe to guide you and bringing awareness to mild sensations within your body, with movement or in stillness. 

    Slow and Subtle  may not sound challenging, and at times it may not seem to be. Moving with intention, getting to know how your body moves and feels is the challenge! 

    Make it your yoga!

    Always options to work with less intensity or make it stronger. Modifications are offered and the use of yoga props is encouraged when needed.  

  • Chair Yoga - gentle - build up your balance & strength

    (60 min) with Nicky Poulin

    Tuesdays 1:30

    If getting up and down from the floor is difficult, but you want to continue to on building strength, regaining balance, mobility and feel better about yourself then this would be a good starting point. This class combines modified yoga poses, a variety of props and the use of a chair and the wall. All ages, and levels are welcome, this is a fun class that sometimes can bring on a little heat so don't let the word "chair" fool you. There is also breathing techniques as well as meditation.

    This class is suitable for the young to the young at heart. Currently our classes serve students of all ages from 11 to 92, beginner to experienced. This is a get up and down off the mat class, modifications can be made so that EVERYbody can attend.

  • Fascia, Yin & Thai Yoga Therapy - reduce pain, de-stress and more with Nicky (90min)

    Tuesdays @ 6pm & Wednesdays 9:30am

    Fascia Yoga Therapy In this class suitable for everyone you’ll learn how to use self-myofascial release techniques with yoga straps, balls, and DIY props to support your practice, fix stiff spots, unwind adhesions or scar tissue, tune up your nervous system, This includes chronic pain and stress, and so much more. Even a few minutes of fascial-release work can have a profound effect on your practice and well-being. Myofascial release offers some of the same benefits of stretching—without the risks of overstretching and damaging the joints.

    Yin is a slow-paced style of yoga, incorporating principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, with asanas (postures) that are held for longer periods of time.

    Light Touch & Thai Massage during long holds to help release those tight aching areas.

    Combine it all together and after the class you will feel like you have had a deep tissue massage, fully relaxed, the effects are residual. 

  • Gentle Flow Restorative - Jeannine (60min)

    Thursdays 4:30pm

    Gentle Flow Yoga is a slow-paced practice that features calming poses and an emphasis on stretching and breathing without intensity or rigorous movement. Yogis hold a series of restorative postures in a quiet, meditative state and concentrate on lingering and lengthening.

  • Yin Yoga - Long Holds - Carol (60min)

    Thursdays 6:00pm

    Yin Yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga as exercise with asanas (postures) that are held for longer periods of time. This practice is designed to help you sit longer, and more comfortably, in meditation by stretching connective tissue around the joints.

  • Chair Yoga - Stay on Your Feet Program • Not your average Chair Yoga Class -- Sponsored Seniors Classes

    Friday 9:00am to 10:00am & 10:30am to 11:30am

    Stay on your Feet FREE balance and stretch classes for falls prevention, mobility and healthy aging. Come out and have some fun, learn ways to balance, strengthen, live healthier and happier. All levels of capability are welcome - as modifications can be made for everyone. Parts of the class will be in the chair, part using a wall, and part walking/moving about. If you do not have transportation, please contact the East Parry Sound Community Support Services 705 724 6028 or 1 888 521 -0000 (advanced notice required) Supported and sponsored by the East Parry Sound Community Support Services in collaboration with Stay on Your Feet North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit, North East Integrated Health Network and the Ohana Yoga & Wellness Centre / Training Academy in Callander