• Brain Body Yoga - Mondays 5:00pm with Nicky (45 min)

    This class mixes yoga with brain body work. It helps to reestablish patterns that you body may have lost due to stress, anxiety, injuries. By performing a series of "drills" your brain & body start to work together, the body relaxes. When these "drills" are performed the body begins to r-pattern towards the direction of where it once was. Thus giving the body and mind time to relax and reconfigure, any one can do this class it is suitable for all ages and all bodies.

    Good for releasing stress, anxiety, injuries, anyone who has lost mobility or anyone who is wanting to gain and enhance their mobility. This class/techniques are also good for those with early onset alzheimer, dementia, recovering from accidents, needing re-gain focus, concentrate and coordination.

    Because these techniques work so well Nicky has integrated some of the applications into her regular yoga classes.

  • Restorative Round-body Yoga for EVERYbody - all ages/levels (90 min) - Nicky

    Monday & Wednesday - 6 pm

    Tuesday, Thursday & Saturdays - 10 am

    Movement is Medicine and Yoga really is for EVERYbody, big, small, short, tall, round-body, man, woman, the list can go on.

    As long as you can breathe you can do yoga. This class focuses on students of all levels, from beginner to the experienced. The class is hatha based, with a restorative component, using props and asana (poses) to help release, stress, anxiety, chronic pain, build balance, strength and more. This class is also a balanced class, using Breath work (Pranyama), Meditation, Asana (Poses) & Sound (chanting), this combination helps to bring to body and the mind back to it centre. This class is suitable for beginner or experienced. Adjustments and alignments will be given. This is a 90 minute class, for those who want to invest that little extra time in themselves. The structure is "beginning meditation/centre, asana (poses) practice with adjustments and alignments), ending with meditation. Prana (breathing techniques) is used throughout the class.

    Why 90 min? It takes that long for our body and mind to truly start to unwind repair and restore. Your yoga practice is truly a journey into yourself, it really is Your Body Your Yoga. There are many reasons why we choose to take up yoga, some come to manage pain, some to maintain or gain flexibility and strength, while others come to explore their connection to the body mind and spirit.

    Yoga has been around for thousands of years. Join Nicky she guides you through what works for your body and how you can move forward in your journey of self-discovery and a healthier you. In this class you class uses props, alignments and adjustments. This class is suitable for the young to the young at heart. Currently our classes serve students of all ages from 18 to 92, beginner to experienced. This is a get up and down off the mat class, modifications can be made so that EVERYbody can attend.

  • Yoga Flow & Body Work - Nicky (45 min)

    Tuesdays 12:10pm

    You could call this a "quick-fix" - to help get you through your day! It's base is a gentle sun salutation flow that will warm you up, then shifts into deeper adjustments/alignments. Then your on your way back to work, or whatever else life has in-store for you!

  • Chair Yoga - gentle - build up your balance & strength

    (60 min) with Nicky Poulin

    Tuesdays 1:30

    If getting up and down from the floor is difficult, but you want to continue to on building strength, regaining balance, mobility and feel better about yourself then this would be a good starting point. This class combines modified yoga poses, a variety of props and the use of a chair and the wall. All ages, and levels are welcome, this is a fun class that sometimes can bring on a little heat so don't let the word "chair" fool you. There is also breathing techniques as well as meditation.

    This class is suitable for the young to the young at heart. Currently our classes serve students of all ages from 11 to 92, beginner to experienced. This is a get up and down off the mat class, modifications can be made so that EVERYbody can attend.

  • Fascia/Yoga for releasing aches & pains (60 min) – Nicky/Darren

    Tuesday 6 pm

    Wednesday - 10 am

    Want to experience deep tissue whole body massage? Then this is the class for you.

    What do you get wen you combine yoga + yoga therapy balls + a roller = self massage and relief from stress & pain.

    This combined asana and myofacial release techniques helps you to release pain, stress and anxiety that sits in the body. It also works on your posture and assist you in gaining mobility. At the end of this class you feel like you have just had a deep tissue massage and like you've just stepped out of your massage therapists room. It stretches out your fascia and helps to heal damaged muscles, increase strength, and establish healthy movement and elasticity.

    Not intended to replace your massage therapist, however a great way to keep things limber and loose in between visits.

    This class is suitable for the young to the young at heart (seniors). Currently our classes serve students of all ages right now from 18 to 92 (and beyond), beginner to experienced. This is a get up and down off the mat class, modifications can be made so that EVERYbody can attend.

    Testimonial - I love the Yoga Fascia Release Class at Ohana! 
    Nicky carefully leads us through the moves which really helps my body loosen up and feel so much better. I schedule my week around attending the class.The aches and pains that I feel in my body are reduced. The class helps me release tensions and tightness.  Self care is truly important for us in this busy society.  Attending Facia Release is such a kind, beautiful gift for myself.  Thank you Nicky for your clear instructions, your light hearted humour and support during the class. I always feel looser and lighter when the class is finished.

    Thank you so much! - Anne Quast, North Bay

  • Breath & Mindfulness Techniques d-stress - with Nicky

    Wednesday - 5 pm

    Saturday 9 am

    When you enter the room you will enter in silence, you with gather the props that will be needed and you will sit in silence and breath. When the class begins Nicky will take you through a series of techniques and practices that will help to calm the mind and relax the body. This is a mindful approach to d-stressing and is easy for anyone to do. This class will offer a balance of breath, sound, light movement, a variety of meditation techniques.

    This class is suitable for the young to the young at heart. Currently our classes serve students of all ages from 18 to 92, beginner to experienced. 

  • A Bit of this Yoga & a bit of that YOGA! - Christine - Tuesday 6 pm - 60min)

    Sometimes you need a little bit of this and sometimes a little bit of that YOGA! It all depends upon the day and what is taking place from the outside world as well as from within!

    Yoga means "union". The connection between body and mind (and more). Come and discover how a variety of types of yoga can enrich your life. In a well-rounded practice using a combination of restorative, hatha and vinyasa yoga based on the intention to improve your flexibility, build your strength d-stressing and having FUN!! This class will provide the opportunity for you to do what you can, while working on areas with which you struggle, after all We're all in this together.

  • Swiss Ball & Yoga - Stretch balance, strength and fun! - Thursday 6 pm - Darren - 60min

    This class is for everyone, and combines swiss ball, yoga and strength challenges in a fun and energetic class. This is truly for all abilities.

  • Chair Yoga - Stay on Your Feet Program • Not your average Chair Yoga Class -- Sponsored Seniors Classes

    Friday 9:00am to 10:00am & 10:30am to 11:30am

    Stay on your Feet FREE balance and stretch classes for falls prevention, mobility and healthy aging. Come out and have some fun, learn ways to balance, strengthen, live healthier and happier. All levels of capability are welcome - as modifications can be made for everyone. Parts of the class will be in the chair, part using a wall, and part walking/moving about. If you do not have transportation, please contact the East Parry Sound Community Support Services 705 724 6028 or 1 888 521 -0000 (advanced notice required) Supported and sponsored by the East Parry Sound Community Support Services in collaboration with Stay on Your Feet North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit, North East Integrated Health Network and the Ohana Yoga & Wellness Centre / Training Academy in Callander