• Beginner Restorative Round-body Yoga - all ages/levels (90 min) - Nicky

    Monday & Wednesday - 6 pm

    Tuesday, Thursday & Saturdays - 10 am

    Yoga really is for EVERYbody, big, small, short, tall, round-body, man, woman, the list can go on. As long as you can breathe you can do yoga. This class focuses on students of all levels, from beginner to the experienced. The class is hatha based, with a restorative component, using props and asana (poses) to help release, stress, anxiety, chronic pain, build balance, strength and more. This class is also a balanced class, using Breath work (Pranyama), Meditation, Asana (Poses) & Sound (chanting), this combination helps to bring to body and the mind back to it center. This class is suitable for beginner or experienced. Adjustments and alignments will be given. This is a 90 minute class, for those who want to invest that little extra time in themselves. The structure is "beginning meditation/centering, asana (poses) practice with adjustments and alignments), ending with meditation. Prana (breathing techniques) is used throughout the class.

    Why 90 min? It takes that long for our body and mind to truly start to unwind repair and restore. Your yoga practice is truly a journey into yourself, it really is Your Body Your Yoga. There are many reasons why we choose to take up yoga, some come to manage pain, some to maintain or gain flexibility and strength, while others come to explore their connection to the body mind and spirit.

    Yoga has been around for thousands of years. Join Nicky she guides you through what works for your body and how you can move forward in your journey of self-discovery and a healthier you. In this class you class uses props, alignments and adjustments. This class is suitable for the young to the young at heart. Currently our classes serve students of all ages from 18 to 92, beginner to experienced. This is a get up and down off the mat class, modifications can be made so that EVERYbody can attend.

  • Meditation / Yoga Nidra

    (30 min) bonus class option - with Nicky

    Monday & Wednesday - 7:30 pm

    Tuesdays 7:30 pm

    Stay for an extra 30 minutes, (bonus class) This Yoga Nidra Meditation, "the art of yogic sleep", is a lead based meditation. Many of us are tired, can't seem to get enough rest, we have busy heads busy lives, this bonus class compliments the first half and allows us to surrender, let go and rejuvenate our bodies and our minds.

    This is also a bonus class, which means that if you choose to stay after the 6pm, there is no charge.

    This class is suitable for the young to the young at heart. Currently our classes serve students of all ages from 18 to 92, beginner to experienced. This is a get up and down off the mat class, modifications can be made so that EVERYbody can attend.

  • Fascia/Yoga for releasing aches & pains (60 min) – Nicky

    Monday 7:35pm

    Wednesday - 10 am

    Want to experience deep tissue whole body massage? Then this is the class for you.

    What do you get wen you combine yoga + yoga therapy balls + a roller = self massage and relief from stress & pain.

    This combined asana and myofacial release techniques helps you to release pain, stress and anxiety that sits in the body. It also works on your posture and assist you in gaining mobility. At the end of this class you feel like you have just had a deep tissue massage and like you've just stepped out of your massage therapists room. It stretches out your fascia and helps to heal damaged muscles, increase strength, and establish healthy movement and elasticity.

    Not intended to replace your massage therapist, however a great way to keep things limber and loose in between visits.

    This class is suitable for the young to the young at heart (seniors). Currently our classes serve students of all ages right now from 18 to 92 (and beyond), beginner to experienced. This is a get up and down off the mat class, modifications can be made so that EVERYbody can attend.

    Testimonial - I love the Yoga Fascia Release Class at Ohana! 
    Nicky carefully leads us through the moves which really helps my body loosen up and feel so much better. I schedule my week around attending the class.The aches and pains that I feel in my body are reduced. The class helps me release tensions and tightness.  Self care is truly important for us in this busy society.  Attending Facia Release is such a kind, beautiful gift for myself.  Thank you Nicky for your clear instructions, your light hearted humour and support during the class. I always feel looser and lighter when the class is finished.

    Thank you so much! - Anne Quast, North Bay


  • Chair Yoga - gentle - build up your balance & strength

    (60 min) with Nicky Poulin

    Tuesdays 1:30

    If getting up and down from the floor is difficult, but you want to continue to on building strength, regaining balance, mobility and feel better about yourself then this would be a good starting point. This class combines modified yoga poses, a variety of props and the use of a chair and the wall. All ages, and levels are welcome, this is a fun class that sometimes can bring on a little heat so don't let the word "chair" fool you. There is also breathing techniques as well as meditation.

    This class is suitable for the young to the young at heart. Currently our classes serve students of all ages from 11 to 92, beginner to experienced. This is a get up and down off the mat class, modifications can be made so that EVERYbody can attend.

  • NIA - combines dance, yoga, and a whole lot of fun for EVERYbody

    (60 min) with Linda Papineau - cost by donation

    This Nia based (dance) class is non-impact, practiced barefoot, and self adaptable to individual needs and abilities. A mindful cardio-dance workout of 52 simple moves uses the intelligent design of the body and combines the dance arts, martial arts, and healing arts  to get you fit while leaving you energized, mentally clear, and emotionally balanced. 

    Great, for the young at heart or for seniors! All welcome, it's an at your own pace class

  • Thai Massage & Yoga

    stretch, be stretched and unwind (partnered class 60 min) – Nicky

    Thursday 6 pm

    This class combines Thai Yoga Massage Techniques & Yoga. Learn basic Thai Yoga Massage techniques that work to help release stress and pain on the body. Bring a partner or be assigned a partner it is up to you. This is not a certificate course it is just a nice way to share and care for one another. This does not replace your massage therapist nor will you receive a certificate, however you will learn some gentle techniques to help you care for yourself someone else.

  • Prenatal Yoga - with Carol Hendricken, CYA-RYT 800 Yoga /Mindfulness Instructor

    Prenatal - Yoga can benefit all pregnant women by bringing greater awareness and support to the structure, muscles, and organs of the pelvis. This is a time for getting more grounded, slowing down a bit, focusing more inside, and creating a favourable environment for a healthy baby. This class is suited to first, second and third trimester students.

  • Yin Yoga - Carol Hendricken, CYA-RYT 800 Yoga /Mindfulness Instructor

    Yin - The practice of Yin Yoga addresses the more yin parts of the body. These are the parts of ourselves that lie closest to the core. The postures are all practised on the floor and each is held for three to five minutes. By putting ourselves in safe and controlled positions, we can relax the muscles in the areas we are working. It helps us maintain the health of connective tissues, and develop a mindful meditation practice.

  • Restorative Yoga for your recovery, need support we can help. 705 752 0294

    Ohana presents a restorative therapeutic yoga classes specifically designed for people undergoing cancer treatment or who have recently completed treatment. Learn poses (asanas), breathing techniques, mindfulness, and meditation skills to help enhance your wellness.

    There are no down dogs here! However there is gentle breath, stillness & subtle movement to assist you along in your journey. Subtle movement allows the body to heal, become nourished and restore. Classes will be customized to suit the individual’s needs, based on where they are at in their journey and treatment. Yoga for Cancer Yoga before, during or after cancer yoga has proven to be beneficial for all who choose to partake in this ancient healing modality and art.

    Fear & Anxiety • Fatigue • Insomnia • Neuropathology • Trauma & PSTD • Pain • Scar tissue • Nausea • Depression • Dying • Myofacial Release • Encourages Body's Natural Function • Boosts the Immune System • Restores Mobility & Motion • Sense of Self & Vitality • Increases Oxygen to cells and more!

    Many cancer patients and cancer survivors are discovering that there are many ways to strengthen their bodies and deal with the uncomfortable side-effects of treatment. Starting a yoga practice before, during and after treatment helps to build, regain, and heal the body. Yoga for cancer patients and survivors is a holistic approach to assisting you on your journey. It is also used to help with car-tissue from surgery or ongoing nausea and weakness from chemotherapy and radiation, as cancer patients endure a long road of physical trials.

    Classes can be arranged for peer groups, family friend support teams or one on one. 705 493 0692 There is also the option of joining us for one of our regular restorative classes as well, modifications will be shown.


  • Yin Yang Class - with Jessie Baldwin, certified yoga instructor

    In this class you will find a combination of yin postures that are calm and held for longer periods of time, and yang postures and movements that create an internal fire. This brings are greater balance of strength and flexibility in the body and mind. It is a great class to get a gentle workout and a good stretch.