• Your Integral Self - A two-part Self Discovery Workshop

    Join Dr. Antonietta Francini, MD, MA (Retired), Author of Seeking Health and

    Nicky Poulin, CYA Gold Instructor, Teacher Trainer (1000+hrs), Mentor/Life-coach


    This two part discussion/workshop series addresses a range of topics, takes a look at you, and pays attention to your physical and emotional needs. You will learn techniques that help you with stress and anxiety. As well techniques on how to maintain a positive attitude during challenging times and more. This discussion workshop will also include, light yoga (that anyone can do), breathing, meditation and other techniques for you to take home.

    November 9 - Your Integral Self - Part 1 from 1:30 to 4:30 pm - What are your integral values, and how we tap into them so that we can use them to move forward and flourish? Is your life balanced? - good stress & bad stress and how to effectively use them both. What we put out there, is what we get back and how we look at things makes a difference.

    December 7 - Your Integral Self - Part 2 from 1:30 to 4:30 pm - So you did your homework, now what? What did you discover? What’s next, and how do you move forward from here?

    Refreshments will be provided with a light healthy snack.

    Fee: $50 for both. 6 CYA continued ED

    To register call Nicky @ 705 493 0692 or to e-transfer to info@ohanawellness.cainfo@ohanawellness.ca

  • Getting Ready for Winter

    An Afternoon of Wellness with the Ohana Practitioners

  • Getting Ready for Winter - An Afternoon of Wellness with the Ohana Practitioners
    Getting Ready for Winter - An Afternoon of Wellness with the Ohana Practitioners
    Saturday Nov. 23 - 1:30 to 4:30pm
    Fee: Free or a food donation if possible
    Acupressure Points for Kidney Health - Vicki Rivard, Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncturist, will demonstrate acupoints for kidney health. The organ of winter.
    Five Ways to Thrive During the Winter! - Join Dr. Dielle Raymond, Naturopathic Doctor, for a talk on optimizing your Mood, Digestion, Diet, Exercise, and Daily Routine.
    Don’t let the winter-blues get you down? Join Tana Corbeil, Health Coach, for ways to keep the winter blues away. Don’t take the holiday season too seriously.
    Winters coming “Let’s MELT?”
    Join Nicky Poulin Certified Yoga Instructor/Teacher Trainer & Yoga Therapist (CYA-ERYT Gold) and experience MELT - A hand and foot technique that helps the whole body.
    Essential Oils that boost your immune system!
    Let Anne Quast, from Riverbend Essential Oils, show you how Refreshing Palmarosa, Eathy Patchouli & Mystical Frankincense can help boost your immune system! Anne will also demonstrate and explain how Eucalyptus can clear congestion.
    Ohana North from here to Nunavut
    Join Darren Renaud, Ohana’s Co-Founder, one of Canada’s leading MFR therapists and the Quality Assurance Specialist for Children’s Family Services of the Territory of Nunavut for a question and answer period of how things are going in the North, what he is doing and what it is like to live in Iqaluit!
  • Kirtan Concert with Brenda McMorrow - November 30
    November 30 - Brenda McMorrow Kirtan Concert
    Join World Renowned devotional chant artist Brenda McMorrow to celebrate the release of her latest album, "Chidananda”
    $20 in advance $25 - 7 to 9pm doors open 6:30pm
    For more about Brenda go to www.brendamcmorrow.com
    to purchase concert tickets e-transfer to info@ohanawellness.ca
  • The Many Faces of the Divine Feminine - Kirtan Workshop with Brenda McMorrow

    Sunday December 1st from 1:30 to 4:30pm

    Join world renowned devotional chant artist Brenda McMorrow in this special workshop to explore the healing and uplifting sounds of ancient mantra and the joyous singing of Kirtan with a special focus on the many faces, names and aspects of the Divine Mother (including the Goddesses Lakshmi, Kali, Durga, Saraswati and more!) We will share a variety of mantras and their meanings and how they apply to our lives; and share insights and discussions as to why this Bhakti practice is such a healing one and becoming so popular around the world. Open to all who are interested in singing, meditation, yoga, sound healing and anyone wanting to try something heart- opening and new! Absolutely no experience necessary!

    Sunday December 1
    1:30 pm to 4:30 pm
    Reg. before Nov. 16th $55.00 +HST = $62.15
    After Nov. 16th $75.00 + HST = $84.75
    earn 3 hr CYA Cont’d Ed points

    call or email to register
    1436 Main St. N. Callander ON P0H 1H0
    705 752 0294

    e-transfer: info@ohanawellness.ca www.ohanawellness.ca

    I wish to go to both events prior to November 16th $75.00 + 13% = $84.75 e-transfer to info@ohanawellness.ca