• Shiatsu & Tai Massage Workshop

    Taking care of each other is important.

    Join us: April 29
    From: 2-4 pm
    Fee: $30.00 single person
    $60.00 for two
    plus hst

    Call 705 752 0294 to register

  • Taking care of each other, brings you closer.

    friend/partner shiatsu & tai massage workshop ...with Nicky Poulin & Darren Renaud

    April 29th

    Still a few spots left, please call 705 7520294 or 705 4930692... www.ohanawellness.ca or email info@ohanawellness.ca

    The Workshop: Caring for and nurturing each other not only bring you closer together, it makes us happier/helthier and allows you both more time together. This experiential workshop will guide you and your friend/partner some of the basics of giving and receiving these therapies. It will help you to understand the body, its movements, and challenges. Working with a partner we will help you to understand some foundation theory, a variety of techniques and methods for improving wellness. * this workshop does not take away from going to a professional for treatments however it will help your and your partner/friend to find relief between visits.

    Why SHIATSU and THAI YOGA MASSAGE? Within your body, energy moves along a network of energy channels which are called "meridians" or “Sen Lines”. If that energy flow is in a stable equilibrium, the person feels good, strong & healthy. If this energy flow is (partly) blocked, special symptoms - and later on even severe sicknesses - may occur.

    SHIATSU and THAI YOGA MASSAGE have very similar methods, and approaches to wellness, but developed in two different cultures over thousands of years.

    Who should attend? This workshop is open to anyone with a desire and to help someone, learn something new, and experience some of these two healing arts. What do I need to bring/prepare?

    • Dress in comfortable, non-restrictive or yoga clothing
    • Eat a light dinner
    • Bring a like-minded partner, and if you cannot, we will do our best match you up with someone.

    info@ohanawellness.ca or 705 752 0294 - 795 493 0692



    Dharma Breath Workshop
    with Jacqui Tracy

    April 28th -- 7 to 9pm

    May 5th -- 7 to 9pm

    Fee: $85.00

    To Register call Jacqui Tracy 705-744-4729 

    or email ravenwood.retreat@gmail.com

    Stress and tension cause us to hold our breath and repress our feelings. These feelings accumulate over the years, using more and more energy. The demand on our energy supply to suppress these feelings creates a debt in the vitality we bring to our lives. Dharma Breath® frees vast amounts of energy.
    Tom Lodge, says, “Focusing on the trauma gives it energy. Understanding the event is not necessary to eliminate its effect.” He quotes R.D. Laing, “Obsession with the past events is like a person in a dungeon, the door is open for them to walk out, yet they choose to stay until they can figure out how they got there. 
    Dharma Breath® provides a technique that you can use at home to relieve and manage stress. It encourages and facilitates one to embrace the present moment, and live life to the fullest as we all deserve. 
    For those who have experienced Ayahuasca (Iowaska) ceremony have mentioned that the Dharma Breath achieves much more in terms of expanding consciousness without side effects

    ‘Dharma Breath®.. it silenced my mind, opened my heart and freed my soul to fly.’ K. Small
    ‘Dharma Breath® keeps me in touch with myself, honestly and fearlessly. I now do Dharma Breath® once a week; I consider it a gift to myself.’ D. Feasby RN.

    ‘The workshop begins, everyone is breathing. I am breathing – I think – for the first time in my life, I feel light. I am crying. I feel like a weight is slowly being lifted from my soul. I keep breathing…Twelve breath sessions later I realize that what I got myself into was myself! At a time when I had given up all hope, I joined Dharma Breath®. I met the most remarkable women. Strong women. Caring women – who get ‘it’. Women who are on their own healing journeys. Women who have allowed me to spread my wings 
    without judgment. Breathing as healing – who knew! ‘ Mary Rodgers, B.A.; Hon B.A.; B. Ed.

    ‘Jacqui Tracy’s skills as a facilitator, health care provider, musician, planner, community worker 
    and parent accumulate into a remarkably energized individual. She is, in a sense, a blend  of the spiritual and the practical, understanding that the ideal and the mundane intersect more often than less successful entrepreneurs might wish.’ David J. Schleich, PhD. President of the National College of Natural Medicine.

  • Energy RX - Workshop

    SATURDAY May 6, 2017

    SUNDAY May 7, 2017

  • Energy RX - Workshop.

    Join Dr. B Lacroix M.D. (retired) that will energize and heal your life. A step by step walk through Dr. Lacroix's recently publish workbook

    Workshop Fee $50.00 Four dates to choose from! Cost includes: workbook & 5 hrs of instruction & Discussion.

    To register contact Ohana Yoga & Wellness Centre 705 752 0294 If you have already attended through the workshop but wish to attend again please contact us to make arrangements at a reduced cost.

  • Mother’s Day Mini Yoga Retreat! - Saturday, May 13 2 to 4:30pm
  • Mother's Day Mini Retreat - May 13 from 2 to 4:30

    All are welcome to Mother’s Day Yoga, intended to be a soothing and rejuvenating afternoon in honour of mothers. Expect restorative gentle poses to facilitate deep rest, breath, movement and simple chanting. Tea & a treat. An instructed partner (we can partner you up) foot massage with essential oils from Riverbend Essential Oils, - all practices that calm the mind/body, allowing us to unwind into the natural presence and spaciousness that we truly are. If you have been yearning for a “time out” then join us for some “time in.”

    Please bring, • yoga mat (if you have one) • old towel & pair of socks • the willingness to care for & share with someone • a big smile

    Facilitators: Anne Quast Riverbend Essential Oils Nicky Poulin Ohana Yoga & Wellness Centre Cost: $35.00 per person or $50 for two. Please register by May 12... thank you.