• We are so very proud of the instructors that teach under our roof! Combined we have been teaching and practicing yoga of over 75 years! Many of us hold International Certifications as well as National Certifications. We all love yoga and have become experts in our styles and how we teach. We pride ourselves in growing a non-judgmental environment that really believes that the student is why we are here. We truly want the best for you and do our very best to deliver that to you. Our classes are safe and our students truly become our family and know that when they are here they are welcomed with open arms at no-matter the level, shape, beginner, experienced, age or what have you... it is your journey and we deliver what you need.

    It's about compassion, growth, keeping the history and the traditions from the lineage before us, taught to us by our gurus, and masters. It's about celebrating the differences that we all have and learning how to adapt and move so that your yoga journey truly becomes your journey!

    Yes we truly do believe that YOGA is for EVERYbody! 

  • Nicky Poulin

    Nicky is Certified CYA Gold Instructor Primary Teacher (1000+hrs) Ashtanga, Hatha, & Restorative

    She is also a Teacher Trainer and Yoga Therapy Instructor, with lineage instructors. Nicky likes to specialize her classes towards those who are dealing with ailments, grief, anxiety, stress, illnesses and more. Trained in restorative yoga, yoga therapy, pranyama (breathing), meditation, Nicky believes a balanced class is where one will find life's balance. Nicky holds registrations and certificates in yoga from India, Budapest, United States and Canada.

    Yoga Instructor & Yoga Therapy

    Nicky has been practicing Yoga for over 18 years, teaching for over 16; she started she started her yoga practice during a time of illness. After being diagnosed with fibromyalgia, psoriatic arthritis, chronic pain, IBS, depression, stress as well as other illnesses. It was during that time that Nicky’s yoga journey began and the dramatic changes in her life and well being took place.

    Nicky believes that including yoga in her life has saved her life and uses a daily yoga practice to keep her diagnosis in check.

    Nicky is a self described “round body”. Her compassion and first hand understanding of what it feels like to be the first time student, in pain, stressed and feeling intimidated about “not fitting in” is the exact reason why Nicky’s desire to teach first ignited.

    She is also a certified MELT instructor: a treatment technique that helps release fibromyalgia, chronic pain and other body related stress disorders.

    Nicky teaches techniques to help you alleviate pain caused by fibromyalgia, chronic pain, traumatic stress disorders, migraines, asthma, depression, anxiety, and more. Nicky is a kind, compassionate and understanding instructor, who is very aware of the human body, and knows how to make safe modifications that will assist you in obtaining the most out of your yoga practice.
    Nicky understands the issues with body image perception, and always offers a friendly environment, where no-BODY gets left behind.
    Out in our community, Nicky teaches classes and workshops for many associations and businesses. Including the North Bay Regional Health Care Centre, North Bay and Area Aids Committee, North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit, Children’s Aid Society, the Retired Teachers Foundation of Nipissing, and more.
    Nicky’s passion for yoga, and compassion for all prompted Nicky to initiate a yoga program for patients in the mental health area of the North Bay Regional Health Centre.

    Nicky is available for wellness talks and workshops away from the studio as well.
    Registered / certified Yoga instructor & Yoga Therapy (CYA Gold)<p> Mysore Mandala India 200RYT 
  • Darren Renaud

    Certified Instructor/ Kinesiologist/ Holistic Pratitioner / co-Founder

    Darren has been teaching yoga for ten years and practicing for twelve. He is one of Canada’s first certified OmGym® instructors and his background in kinesiology, anatomy, and eastern holistic practices brings a unique depth to his teachings. Darren is a certified Reiki Master, Chek® HLC2, and has over twenty five years practicing various martial arts, and meditation. With all of this combined, you can expect a focus on the mind body connection, helping you to maximize the efficiency of movement and thought.
  • Jeannine Welton, CYA-RYT 200 Yoga Instructor

    on summer vacation back for special events and in the fall!

    Jeannine first began practising yoga over 10 years ago. She completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher training 2017. She has also trained in a variety of healing modalities which she infuses into her classes. This includes Therapeutic Touch and Reiki. She teaches a mix of Hatha, gentle Vinyasa Flow, breath work and relaxation.
    Jeannine believes in creating a nurturing environment where her students feel safe and deeply grounded and able to get in tune with themselves. She believes that much of what you learn on the mat can be applied to your life off the mat, ultimately creating a more balanced life.