• Class Rates

    Welcome to Ohana, we understand that life can get busy... that you may work shiftwork... or that some days just work better than others. The important thing is that you are choosing to take care of you, so we've made it easy for you.

    Our class cards allow you to come and go as you please, so your not signing up for one class, same time every week. You can come and go as you please, to as many classes as you wish and once your card is done then you just purchase another. It's as easy as that. Passes are valid until December 31, 2018.

    Payments can be made via chip debit, cash, cheque or visa. You can also to a email transfer (don't forget the tax!), info@ohanawellness.ca if you require any other information please call us at 705 752 0294 or 705 493 0692

  • Class Passes & Prices

    5 class pass $62.50 + hst ($12.50 per class)

    10 class pass $120.00 + tax
    1 month unlimited $105.00 + hst - from date of purchase
    3 month unlimited $285.00 + hst - from date of purchase
    Drop In Fee $15.00 + hst Our Passes are valid until Dec 31, 2017
    *** 10% discount for students & seniors on passes (60 yrs plus)
    to pay for classes online email transfer to info@ohanawellness.ca 
    we accept chip debit, credit card, cheque or cash in at the studio
    (most classes are 90 min) 

    BONUS CLASS SYSTEM - It's really quite simple, at Ohana when you choose to stay for two back to back classes the second class is "Free", we figure if you are willing to invest between 2 to 2.5 hrs on yourself then so are we.