• Class Rates

    Welcome to Ohana, we understand that life can get busy... that you may work shiftwork... or that some days just work better than others. The important thing is that you are choosing to take care of you, so we've made it easy for you.

    Our class cards allow you to come and go as you please, so your not signing up for one class, same time every week. You can come and go as you please, to as many classes as you wish and once your card is done then you just purchase another. It's as easy as that. Passes remain valid for one year of when purchased.

    Payments can be made via chip debit, cash, cheque or visa. You can also to a email transfer (don't forget the tax!):


    if you require any other information please call us at 705 752 0294 or 705 493 0692

  • Your investment in you - Class Fees, Specials & Offerings

    Your investment in you

    Summer Fees & Special
    Unlimited Class Pass
    $23.00 per week + HST = $26.00
    - You can purchase per week or in a package based on what your summer plans are!

    9 Week Summer Pass $207 + HST = 233.90

    Drop In $15.00 + hst = $16.95

    Regular Fees

    5 class pass $65.00 + hst = $73.45
    10 class pass $125.00 + hst = 141.25
    1 month unlimited $130.00 + hst = $146.90
    3 month unlimited $105.00 (x 3 months from date of purchase $315.) + hst = $355.95 (per month from date of purchase)
    Drop-In Fee $15.00 + hst = $16.95

    Private Sessions ( 1 to 2 people) with Nicky Poulin $85.00 pr hr + hst = $96.00

    Private Sessions ( 3 to 10 people) - add $12.00 per additional person) with Nicky Poulin $85.00 pr hr + hst = $96.00 (+ additional person & hst)

    Large Group Rates, Workshops, Events to be negotiated

    ** Class passes are valid for 1 year from date of purchase

    *** 10% discount students (must present valid students’ card) & seniors (60 plus)

    *** discounts do not apply to class pass specials

    To pay for classes online email transfer to info@ohanawellness.ca we accept chip debit, credit card, cheque or cash in at the studio

    We're closed on all Canadian Statutory Holidays. If you contact us on a holiday, we'll get back to you on the next business day.

    At Ohana we recognize the value of our classes & services. We also recognize that Yoga Classes are a privilege not affordable to all incomes. Should you wish to join us for classes and are serious about investing into yourself and your practice, arrangements can be made to accommodate.

    Following tradition of yamas and niyamas of yoga we practice DANA (to give without expecting rewards) - Ohana's KARMA WEEK a tradition for 20 years now. - Three times per year we offer KARMA WEEKS (free unlimited class passes) to all persons who are interested in Ohana or are part of Ohana. This is our way of saying thank you to our community for supporting us through our 20 years of yoga journey. We do not expect you to sign up with us, actually during KARMA WEEK we do not accept registrations, it is our way.

    At Ohana nobody gets left behind. Movement is Medicine!

    OHANA - This is the place where love lives.