• Deepen Your Practice

    So you do not want to become a teacher but you want to know more.

    You are curious about the history, the why's and why not's, the do's and the don'ts, the how the body works... then here is your opportunity. 

    You can join along on the classes that interest you and you can do this through the perspective of a teacher training. As a student you can become a leader in your "yoga community" by becoming rooted in your practice. 

    The costs will be broken down by what is important to you. So that you can design your own yoga journey. 

    You can choose from any of our classes, and follow along with our teacher trainers.

    TBA (We are adjusting start date and schedule for more flexibility Weekend Study & Work Groups, Dates & Times to be announced)     

    Cost to be determined:

    - 7 Practice Advancement Series
    - Props & How to use them
    - 3 Essentials mini-series
    - Introduction to Buddhism or Yoga Philosophy & Meditation
    - Illustrated asana and anatomy manual & workbook
    - 10 Practice Advancement Series (one of which you will assist)
    - 4 Essentials mini-series
    - 3 Practice Advancement Series you will repeat, this time as an assistant
    - 5 Essentials mini-series
    - Yoga philosophy & Meditation


    This is truly a enhance your practice setting. 

    For more information, please call Nicky at 705 493 0692