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    A Christmas note from Nicky
    “May your days be merry and bright”
    Well 2016 is almost at an end and as I reflect back I think… wow it went so fast! All in all it was a great year, full of twists and turns… truly a good learning over all.
    An update on our family, we are healthy, happy and on our way to making our paths and life choices the best way that we know how. Learning as a family and as individuals how to walk our path. For the most part Darren and I are now empty nesters and Cole is learning those oh so wonderful lessons of balancing life, school, his own home, job, so that too is exciting. For us it has definitely been a year of learning. One of our biggest lessons and dearest reminders is it is better to stay put on the path, than to recreate a new one that will eventually look and feel almost the same as what you already have. lol Sounds crazy but true, going back to our “whys” really helped put things into perspective and we are so happy about our decisions to stay put at our lovely Ohana. So we are not moving, we are not changing our lives, we are continuing on with love and light and for the greater good of ourselves and our community.
    Under our roof in the New Year we will be offering even more to you from cooking classes to more wellness days, workshops, classes and retreats… so stay tuned for our new schedule of events.
    I want to talk a little about Emotional Wellness throughout the Holiday Season… There is so much to do this time of year, it becomes easy for us to become overwhelmed and overtaxed and then ad the pile up of family, emotions, stress anxiety and whatever else comes your way during the holidays, remember to take care of you. If you have anxiety, watch for symptoms, if you suffer from depression, be aware of what is happening so “life doesn’t sneak up on you!’
    Developing a plan and practice coping skills is essential at this time of year. Here are a few suggestions that you may try to implement so that you have a meaningful, joyous and stress free season!
    Learn to SAY NO – To others and to yourself
    Keep in your budget, do not over spend or exceed it. Try a “special card” – store bought or self made and include a personal short message if possible about how you feel or what you see in that person. It is ok to make small thoughtful gifts instead on splurging on big expensive ones that you cannot afford, spend time not money.
    Give yourself the gift of time, of course you are to spend time with others but give yourself an hour or so just for you. Counts all that came into your life in the past year, whatever it was remember you made it through and it may not be what you expected but you are still here and you made it through.
    Prioritize your functions and send out sincere apologies to the ones you have to miss. Make a date with those people in the New Year, it may be even more special than the party you just missed.
    It is also OK to let go of old traditions and start new ones. Decide which ones are worth keeping and which ones are not worth the mental, emotional and physical effort they demand. Choose the things that are manageable for you, and surround yourself with the most important things and people in your life. No guilt, if there is not glitter… it is about the spark that shines from within you, not from the outside.
    Learn to SAY YES – Do not hesitate to accept help!
    Lean on the support of others and do not be afraid to delegate a job or two. It will lesson the load for you and allow others to be involved, they may need to help as well.
    Volunteer your time and energy to a worthy cause is also a good way to put things into perspective, there is a lot of comfort knowing that you are making a difference and doing something that matters.
    Go for a massage, a walk, meditation, do some yoga, watch the birds… whatever, but do something for you, your body and mind will thank you.
    Always acknowledge and accept your limits, then enjoy the holiday season within them.
    This concludes my message for this year, may your days be merry and bright and may you have a wonderful holiday season.
    And lastly I would like to say to you THANK YOU! Thank you for your many years of support, for your belief in us, for the care that you give to yourself and for being part of our OHANA “our family”, you all mean so much to us!
    Love and light, see you on the mat!